When you love yourself, you will change the world

January 3, 2023

When you love yourself, you will change the world. That is the reason you always exist and primarily the reason you are alive now. 

We have said you were moving through a restructuring. It is happening within you, and how your world manifests depends on your actions. If your actions are loving of you, they will help your evolution and your world. 

You were given a unique life path to follow, and the universe orchestrated your divine plan to be alive now to aid your planet in its ascension to a higher state of awareness and beingness. But that can only occur through you, for you each hold equal power and ability, and it is contained within the project you were given. 

The reason yours is so essential is that no other soul has your mission. It is never that one person has more ability than other it is only a matter of who will accept their role. The way you accomplish that in this lifetime is to release everything old within you and your family of origin or soul family for everything that came before was learning for the new world you intended to create.

We have given you a path for this time of ascension. Still, we also provided help with that one a few years ago when we told you how to have everything you want in life, and we will leave it again as now maybe more of you will be willing as we have finally convinced Roger. This venture is collective. 

July 26, 2019

We are now going to give you a statement that is true for every single human being. Some of you will believe it now, others will come to know the truth of it after you die, but none of you “leave” existence without experiencing this truth. Open your mind now, and here it is. To have everything you want, you only have to be everything that you are. 


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