You are meant to thrive now

January 2, 2023

You are meant to thrive now. We know it is you; otherwise, you would not be reading our words, for you have never been in an accidental place in your life. You decide when you might believe what we say, for we are merely reiterating the words your guides have said, but you might be more willing to accept who you are now. 

You would have no conscious memory of why you chose this time to be alive in your world, but you did do that. And you did so because moving through your evolutionary and generational limitations would accelerate your evolutionary journey and that of your world during this planetary ascension.

You each were given something to bring to your world and cause it to become more within you, but your prior doubt and fear of who you are, coupled with the dramatic changes in your world, has caused many of you to slow down, become fearful or doubt the importance of your existence at this time. 

We have said we guided in 2012, but many of you needed help with that concept, including Roger. But his resistance has been lessened, as we hope will be the case with you. We knew you would require more encouragement, so we continued to the following year, which you will understand today, and we know more of you will awaken eventually.

January 2, 2013

Today, be proud of exactly who you are in every single aspect. When you make that decision, you cause a mental shift that will allow you to bring to your awareness the reason and purpose that you exist as you are. And also why those aspects of you that you previously judged have meaning and purpose designed to help you expand.

You have often observed many who you consider to possess certain physical, mental, or emotional limitations. Still, somehow they manage to accept those things and have them enable them to live productive lives. That is a result of the decision to be proud. 


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