Who you become may shock you

December 29, 2022

Who you become may shock you. That occurred for Roger yesterday after he finished our question and answer session. We came through powerfully, so much so that he began to experience physical symptoms shortly after, similar to the flu. But he also knew they were ascension symptoms many of you might encounter either by your resistance to the new energy or, as in Roger’s case, the acceptance of a higher state of being. 

We will give you the message we provided on this date in 2012, which we will again discuss in our question and answer period for this message is one more of you would do well to understand. It will make your journey to New Year’s eve much easier. 

December 29, 2012

When you think it might have gone wrong, you discover later that it went right. Many subjective words are being used here to help you understand the meaning. 

The ultimate right that you reach is your increased awareness or expansion. You will notice many times in your history when you set out to do or accomplish something and thought that you had failed in some manner. Then as time passes, you come to know and accept the value you gained, so it went absolutely right in that sense. 

This is all to help you ease some of the judgments that arise for you with your actions and behaviors and all the circumstances and events that show up for you. That is Your Divine Plan. 


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