You can choose to love yourself

December 28, 2022

You can choose to love yourself. That is the purpose of your life. It may have been challenging to accomplish your goal due to the previous years. However, the current conditions in your world will provide you with more opportunities to recognize your ability to see through distractions and remember the reason for your life, which is to love yourself. 

We provided a message on this date which we will also discuss during our question and answer session today, but please contemplate it now. You should reread the message for comprehension. 

December 28, 2012

All your fears are the pathways to the expansion you seek. While you may wish you had no fears, you would not be motivated to pursue that expansion unless you possessed them. 

All fears are of a physical nature, and everything physical is also an illusion. You always intended to use illusions as tools that would help you on that same journey to expansion.

You might think of it as overcoming your fears, but it is also gaining the awareness to know they are not real and your true nature is an eternal spiritual being. When you reach the place where you embrace them, you are actively and consciously participating in your expansion.  


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