No person is better than another

December 22, 2022

No person is better than another. That concept is one you and your world are coming to understand, but where that understanding must first arise is within you.

You will now understand why we gave you this information in 2012 and we did so again on this date. There are occurrences in your human thinking that will require more freedom from you to accept, but once you do, you discover your greatness. 

We held a channeling session yesterday. We would like more of you to hear it, for it will make sense with the message we will leave. Roger surprised himself that he allowed so much information to come through but also had assistance. 

His friend of thirty-six years passed the night before, and through his grief, she offered comfort and acceptance, which she could not do in her physical incarnation. Still, when she released herself from her human existence, she could recognize what Roger was up to and offered more support from different realms. More of you will understand those concepts soon as you continue your ascension.

But for now, we want you to absorb this message, for it is the focus of all the work we provided, but today you may be more willing to believe in yourself and your importance in the world.

December 22, 2012

You will always feel less than as long as you are in physical form. The term less than, as it is being used here, means that in some way you feel inadequate, not complete, not enough, or whatever term may

help you grasp the concept. This feeling means that you are still coming into acknowledgment and acceptance of the real you, which is precisely the journey of expansion or evolving.

You would do well then to seek to embrace this feeling rather than judge yourself for having the feeling in the first place. When you embrace it, you can use it as a motivating factor to become more, to make changes or improvements that you feel are leading to the person you desire to be.


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