You could change your life today

December 21, 2022

You could change your life today. We used the word could because it all depends on your actions. You were born into the world to evolve and become more. But you also chose to do so during a great transition in your world. 

That means that your existence is more important now than ever, and how you change your life is by deciding to become your authentic self. Who you were born to be is perfect, and you use your physical life experience to discover your value.

We gave you a path to follow just as your higher self has, but your lack of belief in yourself has prevented your life and your world from becoming magnificent. This particular day was the one we chose in 2012 to bring you more awareness now. We will do that in our live conversation today, where everything will make sense for you.

You each hold back who you could become because you have never done it before, and none of you have existed in times like this, but that should also be a cause for celebration because now you can reap the rewards of your efforts.

We will also point out that you have each held yourselves back for various reasons connected to your evolutionary journey, and the main one in your world and the lives of many of you has been money. We had Roger offer you a year of transformation, and many of you did not believe that was possible.

That belief is the one each of you has held, and collectively it has held back the ascension of your planet, and you intended to release it today, and we will aid you. You will be fine.


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