There was no nightmare

November 24, 2022

There was no nightmare. You will understand that statement as you read what we gave you in 2012 and what we said yesterday during our live conversation.

You are moving through a massive period of ascension, which we lovingly refer to as restructuring, for that is what you are achieving. You are doing so first within you so that it is reflected and manifested in your world.

Please interpret the message we provided then with the new awareness you have now to accept what we offered in the live recording. When you place them together, you will awaken to your role in this planetary ascension, and our goal has always been to lead you there. You are loved. 

November 24, 2012

What you often experience or think of as a nightmare during your sleeping hours usually involves some situation or event over which you feel you have no control. This condition should also alert you to the times during your waking hours when you also experience that sense of a nightmare because you think you have no control. 

The control you always possess, and the only thing that truly matters in how you experience your entire physical life is control over your thoughts. This idea is brought back to your awareness again and again because each time, you grasp more of the concept and ideally begin to implement it. 


Here is the replay of yesterday’s session.

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