Still, nothing is happening accidentally and never has

August 23, 2022

Still, nothing is happening accidentally and never has. It is only you who come to understand. You are in the world to move through your restrictions and limitations that have prevented you from becoming who you could be.

Fear is usually the culprit, but it is somewhat natural for you to experience more now as you ascend individually and globally. Every soul alive currently contributes, and when you decide to move through your fear, your contribution will be made.

Yes, we did give you guidance in our work, but for most, it only makes sense now. 

August 23, 2012

Fear is the root of any limitation you might experience in your life. You may argue that many other reasons or factors are involved; however, when you examine those reasons and factors more closely, you will find they are also ultimately based on some form of fear.

Fear will cause you not to create something because it might not be good enough, but it could be the key to your abundance. You may not have the relationship you desire because fear has told you it is possible to lose something or experience hurt.

The key to your expansion is becoming willing to recognize your fears and then decide to move beyond them. It is indeed merely a decision. 


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