And you will eventually believe us

August 21, 2022

And you will eventually believe us. We have said we have provided you with guidance to move through this transition in your life and world. It is occurring within each of you and your world collectively.

You also carry a fear of the unknown, and we knew these times could be challenging, but they can also be transformational if you begin to believe in yourself. 

We have used Roger as both the conduit and the example. When his belief is bolstered, it helps all others as you are meant to evolve and offer what you gained to the world, so the collective evolves. 

It is not about one person now, for you have moved into a new age where you were meant to find unity due to the current level of chaos in your world. That is why we said chaos always brings unity.

You are moving into a temporary period of increased division and anger which we knew would occur, but as usual, we offered guidance. We also advised Roger to take our work to more as it is part of his mission, but he too must break free from past limitations and his resistance to changing the tuition.

There is a restructuring of your financial institutions and the unbalanced wealth some have carried in your world, but you must also become willing to accept your worth, for no one will hand it to you. 

August 21, 2012

Panic is never justified and always helpful. But when you remember the duality that all things physical hold, this concept will make more sense for you.

Your feeling of panic is not warranted because it is related to something physical that has nothing to do with your eternal spiritual nature, which is never lost and cannot be destroyed. Your experience of panic can be helpful because when it occurs, it alerts you to an

area of your physical life experience that you believe on some level is in danger or that in some way you can end, which is never true.

You further your expansion when you seek to understand the duality in all things.


After Roger wrote this message, we told him to find the recording of a live session we held on May 12, 2022. We know many have not listened, and we know it is difficult for you to remember, which contributes to your lack of belief in yourself and your world. We always help. Here is that recording.

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