Love yourself first

August 12. 2022

Love yourself first. We know those words are challenging for some of you to accept. Like Roger, you might have lived your life deferring to the needs and wishes of others. You are in a new place in your evolution and your world. 

We have said you were moving through a restructuring and told you the United States would lead the way. We provided that aspect of the puzzle, for we knew you would recognize those occurrences rather than those that occurred in your earthly experience thousands of years ago, but that is where you and your world are now. You help yourself and your world by deciding to love yourself.

That was the intent of our work. When Roger held his workshop yesterday, he attempted to explain it all, but even he was holding back as his need to try to help more people has caused him to doubt and withhold love from himself, as you might have. But if you decide to love yourself first, that act will change your life and, consequently, your world. 

You are the only one who can make that choice, and if you do, you will release your generational fear and doubt and allow abundance into your life and the world. We continue to help, for, as we said, your resistance to change has held you and your world back. Resistance to loving who you are is the only thing that causes your experience to be challenging. 

When you become your authentic self, you love who you are and all others, and the restructuring you all desired will be successful. You will be fine.


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