We did tell you

August 9, 2022

We did tell you. We would like you to contemplate what we will provide in this message because you have had difficulty believing in yourself as of late, so it would not have been possible for you to accept what we told you as you have not entirely accepted what your guides had told you.

It took a while before we could get Roger to write the words of the title of this message because he didn’t want it to come off as braggadocious, but that is the behavior that he and you must release. False humility serves no one, especially you.

You each come to the world with gifts to be developed and lived. That only happens as you progress in your life, and it is up to you to accept yourself and believe in your mission, for you each have one. It is the thing in front of you that you have doubted or not believed in your ability, and that was what we wanted you to do, which is why we gave you our work.

We said that you were moving through a restructuring of your world and your life and that the United States would lead the way. All the events that have occurred in your world, we have told you these events would happen, but you typically don’t believe yourself until you have tangible proof. Now you have more. 

We said you would experience things that have not occurred in your world. The added intensity of uncertainty would naturally cause concern. Still, that is why we provided our work: when you are embracing and living why you are alive, the outside world will not frighten you.

Yesterday there was another piece of the collective reckoning that did occur, which has never happened, but it was also progression. There needed to be events that are new to your world that would grab your attention and inspire you all to change. The former president of the United States has more attention placed upon himself, for it provides you all with the opportunity to choose which world you want to manifest.

You contribute to the collective choice by what you choose about your life. If you succumb to fear, so will your world, and if you choose to believe in yourself and continue to develop what you came to bring to your world, the elevation of light and love will happen, manifesting the world more of you want.

Roger was no differnent. Even though he spoke and wrote the words of these events, even since 2012, he still wanted tangible proof like you, but now you all have it, and you will decide if you believe yourself now. 


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