The importance of Princess Diana

May 5, 2022

The importance of Princess Diana. We thought we would use that title as we knew it would capture the attention of more of you, and it would allow us to break Roger down as each of you is trying to break down your resistance to knowing who you are. 

We will put this together to make complete sense if you have been following us for a while. But if you’re finding us for the first time, you will still find resonance within our message. 

You are in the world now to evolve. It has nothing to do with what is happening in the world, but it has to do with you wanting to become more. You may doubt that, but you have also felt some push within yourself. There was some aspect of you that you wanted to come through. There was something you wanted to become more or evolve in some manner, and you have yet to accomplish that. You are in the world now for those reasons. 

Your world is restructuring because you each have been off-balance within yourself. And Roger to the most significant degree, which is why we needed to bring this through today. 

We will leave three videos with you because you will want to study them to understand what we have placed in our program and why it makes sense. After all, Roger couldn’t explain it to you before. You will see that nothing is accidental, including your being on the earth at this time. You wanted to be here to experience all of this because you will live the best life you could imagine if you move through your resistance. 

We know that’s challenging for many of you to accept or believe, but we will do our best to give you the information to buffer that belief. You each come into the world and walk through fear and doubt. And you do this continually until it becomes so uncomfortable that you decide that you will move forward. We’ve done things in a precise way to catch your attention. 

First, we had Roger do a video where he admitted to being a reluctant mystic. That was challenging for him. Then we had him do another he called, when do you decide to believe in yourself? That is a question he needed to answer for himself as you do. You each are here to contribute something of magnificence within you, and all you need to do is attempt to believe that and move in that direction. 

However, it takes time, and it takes effort and a concentrated effort on your part. And that is what these videos will explain to you. We put together our program utilizing all of these things, and that’s why it works. Roger could never explain why he was no longer depressed when he came into the world as what it felt to him to be a depressed person. How did he manage to cure so many physical things in his life? These are the things that you each want to know about yourselves because you all possess this ability if you are willing to let go of your limited thinking and believe that you are in the world to offer something of magnificence, and you are.

You will hear references to everything that we have given you. First of all, if you’ve listened to our live conversations, you would have heard us say there is no hierarchy of souls. That is what you are here to understand and give back to your world because that will help its further expansion. When we said we gave you everything in 2012, that was challenging for many of you; however, we also talked about the harmonic convergence of 1987, which Roger could not put together, but these videos brilliantly bring it together. 

You have had a divine plan for your life that you were meant to understand during this period of restructuring. When you come into the world, you have experiences that remind you of your plan. Every soul has this, but you do not always decide to accept it and move into the most excellent versions of yourself. We are not judging but making you aware of the choices that you might have been making. 

As we have said, Roger could never sell anything in his life just for the money. He had to be shown the value. We showed him the value, and now he must change and command more for his value as you are meant to now. In one of the videos, you will hear that this is a time of great change, and it will be a significant restructuring of the wealth and income inequality that you have carried in your world for eons. But that is why each of you exists now to help this restructuring. You will do that by owning your value and allowing the universe to give you all the riches you are due. 

We’ve asked Roger to leave our program available for the next couple of days at the current rate, but after that, it goes away. We need him to take it to much larger audiences because your world needs an energetic change, and many of you are holding back and not understanding what you have to offer your world. 

Several years ago, we gave you the information about how you might create wars, which has happened. However, you can now change that within your life, which changes your world. We’ll leave you with this for now as we are sending far too much information through for Roger to keep up or you. You will be fine.

We had Roger hear this video several days ago, and he listened to his mission at the end. You have yours as well. Then his brother, an avid student of the Bible, wanted to study. Please stretch your imagination.

We awakened him at 3 AM again to hear this one:

We have said that Roger was here to understand further the coming together of science, spirituality, and human potential, so we topped it off with this one.


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