You will experience more self-acceptance today

July 5, 2024

You will experience more self-acceptance today. That is your continual process on your physical life journey, but you could always use the help that we have provided.

As we said in our live call, you have never been alone. We provided a message several years ago that you will come to understand and accept during our live conversation. But for now do your best to understand and accept the message.

July 5, 2008

You have never done anything “wrong”.

The terms, right and wrong, carry with them an inherent judgment which blocks whatever you are desiring to experience. You have used these in the past to either make yourself guilty, or superior to others. None of this has ever served your purpose of experiencing the greatest of “you”.

In other words, when you constantly judge your actions in those terms, you instantly limit the wisdom, knowledge, and awareness of what you are seeking.

It would be much more beneficial to look at all of your thoughts, deeds and actions as to whether or not they are leading you to the “you” you desire to experience. Nothing more is necessary.

This is why forgiveness is powerful for you. You then remember you always do your best.


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