Your dream is real

July 3, 2024

Your dream is real. It can also be thought of as your life purpose, and every soul who comes to the physical plane holds a valuable one, especially you.

You may have felt you were experiencing difficulty finding or living yours recently, but you were mistaken. It unfolds before you as you live and occurs as you raise your consciousness, which you accomplish over linear time.

We have said you chose to live during the restructuring of yourself and world and we have provided guidance to aid you on your ascension journey. Remember, you are not alone on this path.

Last year, we provided several messages on this day, and as you read them now, you will awaken to a new aspect of yourself and embrace more of your authenticity. You are not to judge yourself, but decide now to live that dream consciously, as we know you know what it is. We help you see it.

Here is the message with a recording of a live conversation that will aid you. It will prepare you to receive what we will provide in our live conversation on your new moon this Friday. We want you to unlock your greatness, for it is within you.


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