You could be ready today

June 1. 2024

You could be ready today. We are referring to a message we provided last year on this date, which coincides with your planetary ascension and evolutionary journey.

June 1, 2023

Gradually, you accept your perfection. You do so in your consciousness, typically a bit at a time. We use your linear time, which you rely upon as you move through your physical life experience. We are not limited in that sense, as we want you to understand that everything can only occur in your moment of now.

When we began providing information for this global restructuring in 2012, we said you each choose who you will become based on how you think of yourself and your world. Then, ten years ago, we provided another message, as we knew many would question the current conditions of your lives and world. The way they both turn out depends on how you choose to view yourself and your world.

When you accept the perfection of yourself and all of your life experiences, you will aid your planet’s ascension and your own.

June 1, 2013

You would do well to attempt to gain an understanding of the different meanings of the word perfect, how you have used it in your life, and how it is used in your physical existence.

You were indeed born perfect. Therefore, your physical aspects are perfect because every part of you is used on your physical life journey to help you expand. This process means that every part of you, your appearance, family, and circumstances into which you were born, all provided that framework.

As you progress, you begin to make up your ideas of what you should do to be perfect. That is where you run into difficulties. You only experience self-judgment because you attempt to live up to those made-up ideas. Now, you can begin to change this.


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