You can have it all

May 30, 2024

You can have it all. As you view our message from last year on this date and decide to implement what we provided, you will begin to have it all.

May 30, 2023

The only approval you seek is your own. That statement is the lifelong goal you each carry, and you are also the only one who can grant yourself that approval.

As you view your life and world now, you will notice that you each are attempting to achieve the same goal, but you might have inadvertently been seeking goals that were not yours. You want to be unique, but it can become easy to lose your way.

It would have been even more challenging for you as you are moving through a restructuring or planetary ascension, and each of you must bring something new to your lives and the world; otherwise, the evolution of all that is will be halted or at least slowed down by those of you who do not own your inherent worth and value and remember your connection to source or God.

We reminded you in 2012, but as with any ability you develop, you must utilize your human brain or thinking and provide the time necessary for assimilation before you live authentically.

May 30, 2012

The only approval you ever seek is your own. Whenever you begin to think that any portion of your being depends on others or anything outside of yourself, you lose your way toward the expansion you sought because you are no longer becoming your authentic self.

Before you came upon the physical plane, you knew the most valuable contribution you could make to your world was to be you. Being you merely requires your approval of your thoughts, deeds, and actions. You can’t ignore your approval entirely, even though, at times, you may attempt to do so. You always know your truth.


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