There is only one mistake you can make

 May 28, 2024

There is only one mistake you can make. We gave it to you last year but also recorded it today, so when you combine them, you will take a bigger leap on your ascension journey.

May 28, 2023

You have never made a mistake. When you judge yourself for every misstep you might have made in your life, you also form the belief that you are a mistake, and that was never true.

You are constantly attempting to access the next version of your higher self, which you could not accomplish without periods of contrast appearing in your life, and some of it is uncomfortable to examine. But that is what you wanted to accomplish, especially during your planetary ascension.

When you examine the message we provided in 2012, you will better relate to your current journey and use this time to create that life you want rather than the one you believe you were handed.

May 28, 2012

Every decision you make is correct. Correct, as it is being used here, means it influences your physical life experience and leads you toward expansion.

The fear of making mistakes brings about the most significant difficulty you have with this idea. It can now be easily seen from your history that every single time you held the thought that you made a mistake in some manner, the actual result was that you gained greater awareness and wisdom, which is the content that comprises expansion.

The greater problem for you would be to allow that fear to prevent you from making any decisions. Remember to move forward.


Here’s the recording.

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