You were meant to change the rules

May 25, 2024

You were meant to change the rules. Whenever you come into physical form, you intend to bring something new, which would be something within you that is part of your evolutionary journey. 

You forget your intention because you wanted to create something new, and we remind you how. We did so in 2012, but we also reinforced it with a small conversation made for your weekend.

May 25, 2012

You rebel against the notion of rules because a wiser portion of you knows strict adherence to rules will hinder creation. In other words, if you hold firm to the idea that there is only one way to create something, you will never allow a new way to appear.

You always intend to find those new ways, which is the road to the expansion and evolvement you seek. This does not necessarily refer to the particular rules of your society, which are meant to instill a sense of organization and responsibility, but to the rules of your creative ability and what the use of that ability will contribute to all that is.


Here’s the recording.

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