Self-acceptance is your only goal

May 15, 2024

Self-acceptance is your only goal. You may have felt you had other goals throughout your lifetime, but this is the only one that will bring you everything you desire.

You can accept the message we provided last year on this date as you have evolved and accepting what we offered in a live conversation will aid you today.

May 15, 2023

Self-acceptance is a process, and you never complete it as you are an unlimited, eternal spiritual being. You use your life experiences to cause expansion within yourself and your world. No one was born with more ability than you to accomplish that goal. We will go even further to say that because you are alive now, you have something to offer yourself and your world of immense value, and we have given you guidance along the way.

May 15, 2013

Your physical life experience is like a symphony orchestra, with you as the conductor. All the events, situations, circumstances, and people in your life are like the instruments of this orchestra.

You conduct this orchestra then through your thoughts, actions, and words. Many times, some of the instruments that comprise the orchestra do not make sense to you, or you even question their involvement; however, as you conduct this orchestra, all the pieces or instruments begin to make sense and demonstrate meaning and purpose, which is the beautiful musical piece that is ultimately created.

The creation, then, or that beautiful musical piece, is the person you desire to be. All you ever need do is become willing to be the conductor and create your masterpiece.

– Wilhelm

Here’s the recording.

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