You were wrong

May 12, 2024

You were wrong. 

You were wrong not to believe you came to the world with great purpose.

You were wrong to believe you were not the one to cause the most significant achievement in your life to be done by you.

You were wrong to think you didn’t have guidance along the way.

You were wrong to feel no one loved you.

You were wrong to think you were abandoned because you never were.

Now, you can accept the message we provided on this day years ago. You would be wrong to judge yourself now for not fulfilling your mission. You have time.

May 12, 2009

Become willing to be wrong.

Again, this is another subjective term for you. However, it will lead you to greater awareness and the unlimited freedom you desire. In order for you to evolve and expand, you must remain open to new information, knowledge, and wisdom. When you believe you have already found that, you simultaneously cut yourself off, so to speak, from what could be available for you.

You will always maintain a limited perspective and perception of yourself, your world, and the Universe. This formation was what you planned, for in this manner you make yourself available for so much more. 

Anything you argue for, defend, or fight for, especially your position on any particular subject or area of your life experience, will be yours because you create your reality. This information will bring you back to the wonder of a child who is always open to new information, adventure, and happiness. Try that, for it was your intention.


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