You are more worthy now

April 27, 2024

It would help if you recognized your worth. That statement will make sense to you when you read our message of a year ago and how much you have evolved.

April 27, 2023

You are worth far more than you know. Your worth and value were given to you at birth, but you use your physical life experiences to extract that value, and you accomplish it by the thoughts you choose to hold about yourself and all your experiences.

None are good or bad; those are human judgments, and you are meant to break free from them. You were born to be alive during the restructuring of your world, which means recognizing and owning your worth and value has never been more critical. You can only accomplish that when you begin to appreciate your enormous contribution, and that is when you allow abundance in every form to enter your life.

We gave you a message in 2012 that will make sense to you now, and the more you utilize it, the more you will access and manifest your inherent prosperity.

April 27, 2012

Afford it, can be a very valuable mantra when you use it intentionally to further your expansion. The moment you look at anything you desire in your physical life experience and make the statement that you cannot afford it, you have halted your expansion or evolution.

You can afford things in many different ways, not merely monetarily. You may afford something by deciding to put time and effort into manifesting it. There may be other times when you do not desire to afford something, which is merely your choice, by thinking it is impossible. While the differences initially may seem subtle, they are monumental in your progression.


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