You still can make things better

April 25, 2024

You still can make things better. You accomplish that goal when you become willing to step into the next version of yourself or a higher state of existence and consciousness.

There has never been a more critical time for you to accomplish that goal in your life and current planetary ascension.

As you reflect on the message we shared a year ago and our recent conversation, you’ll realize that you hold the power to manifest your life and shape your world. This realization can ignite a sense of empowerment within you.

 April 25, 2023

You can make things better. While we know the word better is subjective, we used it intentionally in 2012, for we knew where you might be now: frustrated with yourself and your world. But this is why you are alive.

You want to move through your frustration with yourself and your world, and you do that by changing your interpretation of it all and loving and forgiving yourself.

Everything you have experienced in your life was for your highest good, and if you were to extract the light from those experiences, you would appreciate your worth and value now and make a difference in your life and the world you intended. 

Please take to heart the message we gave you when we began guiding you through this restructuring. Everything we provided was to help you overcome your fear and doubt and appreciate and accept your importance.

April 25, 2012

You only experience frustration because you desire and are asking to be shown a better way. Some subjective words are being used here to help you understand this concept. Better means finding or allowing some way for your expansion to occur.

It is your life experience, and the ability to allow that better way to come to you is in your hands. There is often a tendency with that initial feeling of frustration to feel a bit defeated, but this, too, will pass as you find and develop your internal knowledge, wisdom, and knowledge and allow a new, better, or different way of guiding your life experience to be revealed to you. Grab hold of it.


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