Nothing beats an empowered mindset

April 22, 2024

Nothing beats an empowered mindset. That has been the purpose of everything we’ve provided during your restructuring.

The alignment you will experience as you view the message we provided a year ago will strengthen your mindset. 

April 22, 2023

Mindset is your most valuable possession. Ten years ago, we sent you a message about your mental attitude, for we knew it would be the most beneficial concept for you to accept now as you move through your planetary ascension.

You came to the world with great value to offer and now would be the ideal time to do so. Be patient with yourself and your world, and concentrate on the following message. You will be fine.

April 22, 2013

Your mental attitude will determine your experience of anything you attempt to do before you begin. This principle is a potent resource that is always available to you.

If you have a mental attitude that what you are attempting to do will be difficult, challenging, or impossible, that will be your experience. If your mental attitude is one of discovery, expected expansion, and joy, that will be your experience.

When you utilize this process, you bring yourself back to living in the moment. Any feeling of dread or worry about doing anything is merely a projection you make that is not based on any form of reality.

This process can be especially beneficial when you feel overwhelmed or have so much to do. The rewards are great when you try to pay attention to your mental attitude before you begin anything. 


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