Your most important job is before you now

April 19, 2024

Your most important job is before you now. We told you what it was last year on this date and will give you the culmination in our live conversation tomorrow. 

You stand at the most vital point in your evolution and planetary ascension.

April 19, 2023

Love yourself first. As you view your life and world today, the message we provided in 2012 will resonate. If you choose to comprehend what we meant, your life and world will improve.

Please contemplate this message; we will expound more in our live conversation. You have waited for this time in your life. 

April 19, 2012

You use other people and your relationships with them to reflect on how you feel and think about yourself. This concept can be a precious tool for you to use when you understand it.

You have often observed others and noticed their particular interaction with another and how it might differ from what you know of that person. In other words, something about them changes as they interact. You do precisely the same thing but may fail to recognize it.

When you recognize it, you can make any changes or adjustments to how you feel and think about yourself and produce the results you truly desire.

 – Wilhelm

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