Self-acceptance is your only goal

April 9, 2024

Self-acceptance is your only goal. It will be unlike any other soul. It’s a role that only you can fulfill. All healing occurs within you and your world when you move closer to who you are meant to become. 

You have stepped into another portion of your evolution and planetary ascension. You are an integral part.  

Please review what we provided several years ago, and you will awaken to more of your goal of self-acceptance.

April 9, 2020

Now is the time for which you have waited. We know that sentence may sound crazy to many of you during this time, but we assure you it is valid for each of you if you choose to seize the opportunity. 

Every human lives their life in some form of limitation, denial, questioning, and disbelief. While you find your world in a new configuration, which will continue, you can decide how you want to be a part of your new world. 


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