You were never lost

April 6, 2024

You were never lost. When you come to the physical plane, you undertake an ascension journey that you continually understand and hopefully accept. Our message from last year will aid your effort. 

April 6, 2023

We gave you a roadmap. You exist at a time of meaningful change in your world, and you are here to add your essence to the world and experience the life you want to have. Yes, you took on a big job that can only be accomplished when you decide to love yourself.

You judged your past experiences and circumstances and did not understand the full value of yourself and your life. How you interpret your experiences creates your life and the world energetically. Everything we provided was to aid you in developing a powerful mindset, for that is how you guide your life.

Your world drastically shifted in 2012 when we began providing this guidance, and we knew you would need it today. You are so close to your dream life and world. 

April 6, 2012

Every bad thing is a good thing in disguise. Many subjective words are being used here to help you gain a deeper understanding of this premise. This particular premise is one of the most difficult for you and many others to accept because as you experience what you consider a bad thing, your vision and foresight are impaired.

You often come to realize this later, and that knowledge should help you know the truth of the concept. This principle refers to your personal life or reality and your world at large.

Every bad thing brings greater awareness, wisdom, knowledge, and experience. Experience is all you ever seek, for that enables you to expand.

– Wilhelm

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