You will thrive if you change

March 17, 2024

You will thrive if you change—that is, you, the individual, and your world collectively. We offered guidance during your restructuring on this day four years ago, which will resonate with you today, as will our recent live conversations. Loving yourself now is the change you want. 

March 17, 2020

You will never be the same, but you will be better. We are using subjective words that humans will understand. First, there is no better or worse; there is only progress and evolution. You struggle with that concept because you refuse to believe you are eternal, spiritual beings. 

Your world is currently experiencing great collective fear, and whenever that occurs, finding any value that might come from that is challenging. What you each have done over time is attempt to find ways to mitigate your fear of change, such as your religious or spiritual practices. But you have also made it a habit of only practicing those things on designated days or times, like Sunday. That behavior stilts your progress in your evolvement and that of the world. 

So it becomes useful to have events again, individually and collectively, that almost force you to believe in something greater than what you see now. This is easy to know now, as more of you are clinging to whatever religious and spiritual beliefs you might have had. 

You and your world are doing this now and on a grand scale. You will be better. 


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