No one is better than you

March 15, 2024

No one is better than you. That is the one statement we wanted more of you to come to understand and accept, for if you do so, not only do you accelerate your ascension but that of your planet.

We wanted you to accept that message so much that we gave you the same title a year ago. But we gave you the idea in 2012 and had our messenger write a song for you in 1987. We wanted you to accept your evolving process and that of your world, for you utilize linear time, and we do not. But we used dates of significant changes in your civilization.

March 15, 2023

No one is better than you. We wanted to capture your attention with that title, and now that we have it, we also want you to understand that you are no better than anyone else. That is the existential understanding you are attempting to reach with the current restructuring of your world, which happens through you.

You exist now to aid in your evolution and that of your world. All the information we have provided over the years was to help you in your ascension process so you might thrive and live a life of love and joy. You do that by releasing your old and outdated thinking and behaviors. All of them exist within your consciousness, and you each decide when you will hear us and believe in your importance.

March 15, 2012

Do one thing. What this means is to do one thing at a time. It does not matter what you are up to, but when you can devote your full attention to that one thing, you become much more effective at getting it done, you enjoy the process much more, and you live in your moment of now as you always intended.

Multitasking is ineffective and dissipates one’s enjoyment of anything one attempts to do. This habit also causes one to feel overwhelmed and become tempted to do nothing at all.

The quality of the things you do fuels your expansion much more than the quantity of things you attempt to do.


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