Your gift is before you

March 13, 2024

Your gift is before you. As you read the message we provided on this day a year ago, you will become more willing to accept your gift, which has always been within you.

March 13, 2023

You are the gift. That statement is true for each of you and is the one we wanted more of you to accept at this time on your evolutionary journey and your planet’s ascension, for that is why you were born.

You exist during a great transition in your world, and your presence was meant to uplift it. However, that can only occur when you accept every aspect of yourself and your physical life experience without judgment and decide to prosper now.

We have provided guidance during this time trajectory on your planet, which began in 2012. We will give you that message today, which you might be more willing to accept.

March 13, 2012

Your gift is unique, valuable, and priceless and can only be offered by you. In other words, every soul comes onto the physical plane with something to offer or contribute to all that is. It then becomes imperative for you to recognize and own your unique gift before others can feel and accept it.

The process of expansion involves you coming to know and recognize this first. This process never takes on a form of boastfulness or bragging, for that indicates that your acceptance has yet to occur. When you can sit comfortably in the knowingness of your gift, you are making the contribution you intended.


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