It’s time to live your dream

March 6, 2024

It’s time to live your dream. Every soul comes to the physical plane with a plan and a mission, and yours will be different than anyone else.

You might have called your dream an idea you had or an inclination to do something that you simultaneously doubt or believe isn’t you to achieve your vision. 

You could not have known before, for that is a function of your evolution as well as your planetary ascension. We have given you the most potent messages, leading to our live conversation on your new moon. You will believe in yourself much more then.

March 6, 2023

Your idea wasn’t ridiculous. We used that word because many of you have used it in human experience, typically against yourselves. It carries a negative connotation that when you place upon yourself or your ideas, you limit your expansion and never own what you came to bring to your world through your evolutionary journey.

You stand at a pivotal time in your life and the ascension of your planet. You must own the gifts within you to offer light and love to yourselves and all others. What we provided ten years ago will make sense now.

March 6, 2013

The crazy idea that you have is precisely the one that you desire. Every soul is unique and comes to the Earth plane to make a unique contribution in some manner, so that is true for you. The reason that your idea or what you desire to create or contribute appears somewhat

crazy to you, is because you or others have not done it.

You might often prevent yourself from precisely pursuing that idea because you have judged it crazy. The fact is that you desire to pursue the concept itself because it must cause your expansion in some way.

When you can let go of any expectations or what you might receive by this pursuit, the adventure you sought in your life experience begins to unfold.

 – Wilhelm

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