You will hear yourself today

February 27, 2024

You will hear yourself today. We remind you of who you are, for you each discover it on your ascension journey. We have always guided you through this planetary shift.

You would not necessarily know what was occurring in your life and world, but we did. We will leave you a few messages we provided on this date, allowing you to take another giant leap in your ascension and aid the planetary ascension.

February 27, 2008

Whenever you attempt to place blame or fault on others for any part of your life experience, you may very easily miss the point of what you were attempting to create

In other words, you have set up a path for yourself in this lifetime to attain, remember, and experience something. For you to realize these things, you allow others to come into your life to facilitate your desired goals. You are always at cause and will blur your vision when you sometimes forget that.

The experiences others offer you are always for you, not to diminish, halt, or take anything away from you. It would be helpful to ask the question when you begin to blame others; what did I desire to gain and experience here, and how does that help me further my goals?

February 27, 2009

All you, or anyone else, ever desire is to experience, know, and be Loved.

That was your original goal on your life journey. While at times you may think that you desire your money, your things, your work, your relationships, or any other things, they are merely avenues to aid you on your desired path.

All your life’s people, situations, and circumstances have the common goal of helping you achieve this. Forgiveness is merely a step to return to Love, which is always all you seek.

No matter what appears in your life experience, you have the free will of choice to decide, in your very moment of now, to be Love, the true nature of your being. You will continually do this as long as you are in a physical body, for there is no finish line, simply evolution.


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