You could end your suffering

February 20, 2024

You could end your suffering. We mean what you have experienced in your life and what you witness in your world. 

We have said you are moving through a planetary ascension, and you came to aid in that endeavor by remembering who you are and what your existence was meant to demonstrate and contribute to the world.

It is a gradual process you move through individually, and your civilization does so in linear time. We are not limited in that way, so the message we provided a year ago will aid you today and be a conversation you will more readily accept. You end your suffering when you remember to continue the journey to your authentic self. 

February 20, 2023

Everything you want is within your authentic self. That statement is challenging for many of you to accept, but it is the only reason you were born. No one is born without the ability to manifest the life they want, and it is within their God-given authentic self. Your life will change when you allow yourself to access who you are.

That goal has been the purpose of everything we have given you, but it also takes time to accept who you have become. You use your consciousness to accomplish that goal, which you never complete, for there are always higher dimensions of consciousness you could reach if that is your choice.

You exist at a time of restructuring, so your movement has been much quicker and frightening for some. But you are attempting to create a better life for yourself and your world, which only happens when you become your authentic self and reconnect to the essence of yourself as an integral part of creation.

Even though we send our work through Roger, he must still absorb it like you. We held a live session yesterday where we revealed the nature of our work, and when it is published, you all will have a much better understanding of your life and world and how essential it is now for you to become who you were meant to be. The more of you who do so, the more love and light you bring to the world to aid in this transition.

All the global events that appear to tear things apart are there to cause you to come together. That is honoring and loving who you have become and recognizing you cannot return to who you used to be. You will be fine.

 – Wilhelm

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