You were born to change the world

February 14, 2024

You were born to change the world. We love using titles that capture your imagination, curiosity, and, most importantly, your disbelief. 

Understanding and accepting your importance in creating your life and manifesting the world in which you live is your ascension process. When you view the message we provided on this date a year ago and our recent conversation, you will be closer to your goal of loving yourself and changing your world. 

February 14. 2023

Accepting this message will change your life and world. We are referring to the message we delivered ten years ago, but today, you might hear yourself and us and decide to believe in who you are and your purpose in the world.

You came to the world with a gift to offer, but it also required you to release what was no longer needed, and that is the current restructuring of you and the ascension of your planet. We chose this day because it is when more humans decide to express love even though that is your eternal nature.

February 14, 2013

Love is a state of being and a destination you reach when you become willing to give up any form of judgment. You seek to experience this state of being by giving up the judgment of yourself.

You can sometimes become confused with this concept because you think that love can only be experienced or directed at another; however, you only use the process of loving another so that you might continue on that journey of releasing judgment.

As you think of it, your experience of being in love with another will only ever be as great as your ability to love yourself. Your journey will be easier when your first job is to release judgment. You are your first goal.  


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