Here is additional guidance for your ascension journey today. You do it in increments.

Here is additional guidance for your ascension journey today. You do it in increments.

February 2, 2008

You always receive what you ask for. Your only dilemma is not having clarity as to what that is.

In other words, you are an ever-evolving, ever-changing being, and with that, what you desire changes. When you have not taken the time to examine this “new you,” it may appear that your requests are not being answered; however, we can assure you this is never the case.

You have known what it is to be a deliberate creator, but you will not accomplish this until you examine your current intentions. Those intentions, thoughts, and feelings start the creative process for you, so to be more “in charge” of that, as it were, take the time to write them out and seek your clarity. Nothing could be more effective.

February 2, 2009

You will never find your value or worth in the physical world simply because you were born inherently valuable and worthy.

You knew that when you lived your physical life, the process would be accessing and actualizing whatever you desired because you are part of Source, or all that is. If you think of yourself as a drop of water within an ocean, you will see your connection to the Universe. Your “job” is to become willing to experience all of it.

You have learned limitations and restrictions in your physical world. In order to experience something different, seek to eliminate the obstacles you have put in place that block your awareness of this.

There is nothing impossible in the Universe and, therefore, for you. Change your thoughts.

February 2, 2010

Situations and events that show up in your life experience that you do not understand also offer you precisely the opportunities you desire.

The only way to accomplish your intended goals of expansion and evolvement is to continually gather, gain, and access new information and wisdom. You may only achieve this through confronting, embracing, and accepting your lack of understanding when those events and situations appear.

When reframed into embracement, your previously held fear of those unknown events leaves you open and receptive to precisely what you desire, which is always more wisdom.

February 2, 2011

No one else will see your light until you do. Everyone comes onto the physical plane with their own unique and individual light. You always intended to exploit that light because you knew that would cause your expansion. Exploit is used here so that you may examine it and remove any negative connotation you have placed on it.

Sometimes, you think it might be sinful to do so, and nothing could be further from the truth. You can’t make the contribution you intended for yourself and all others until you become willing. Your difficulty always comes from trying to compare your light to others. Yours is yours alone and a unique contribution indeed.

February 2, 2012

You use worry as an excuse for not becoming all you can be. It will require brutal honesty on your part to accept this premise so that you might use it in your physical life for the purpose of expansion.

You can only place your focused attention or energy in one direction at a time. When you use it for worry, you do not have the available resources or access to that energy you might use for creation, which is expansion.

You might examine your past to see that all you worried about has passed, been resolved, or did not matter in your current experience. Now, with this new information, you may transform your moments of worry into creativity.

February 2, 2013

You have experienced difficulty in making decisions because you have attempted to make those decisions based on how you think your decisions may impact others. You can’t know how your decisions will impact others, for they have their own agendas and life paths that they are following, and their reactions to your decisions will be based on that. 

When you first seek to make decisions based on what you think now will be for your highest good, then all others will benefit, especially you. You can examine your past history to find plenty of evidence where you made decisions based on others and curtailed your expansion. Contemplate this for more clarity.  

February 2, 2014

Your dreams are indeed a window into your soul when you are willing to look. The times when you have felt that you never had dreams or ones you could remember were indications of your own unwillingness to take that self-examination.

When you choose to “see” them, as it were, they can greatly benefit you when you decide to use the information you receive. There is no right or wrong interpretation of your dreams, but merely the interpretation you choose to gain. 

No one else can interpret your dreams for you, and their interpretation will have little impact on your life experience if they have no meaning for you.

While dreams occur during sleep, the irony is they can allow you to wake up in your conscious state.

February 2, 2015

Only do today as much as you can. You might think of that statement as a bit of reverse psychology you are using on yourself. You will begin to envision the life you desire, the things you desire to accomplish, and all that you desire to manifest, and at times, simply thinking of all those things can become overwhelming.

Then you will hesitate to get anything done, and because of that, you also forget that you intended to enjoy the process of whatever you are doing in your life. Decide to use this day to focus on what is in front of you with little concern about the next thing and enjoy the moment.

The surprising thing is that you discover you will not dissipate your energy and accomplish so much more.

February 2, 2016

Nothing occurs in your life arbitrarily, and all events and circumstances hold meaning and purpose awaiting your discovery. Sometimes, you allow yourself to move into frustrating situations where you feel that your only relief is to scream so that you might be inspired and motivated to change the situation.

In a manner of speaking, you might even become grateful for the frustrating situation because now you will do something to change, which always causes your expansion. 

You have done this to combat those times when you feel like you are experiencing inertia. While that is all in your thinking, this stimulus will also help you change that thinking.

February 2, 2017

Every decision you make is correct. Subjective words will be used here so you understand the meaning intended. This is meant to point out the many times you suffer from indecision. This indecision is generated by your fear of repeating what you consider to be past mistakes.

You hold this fear because you have forgotten you can always call on your accumulated wisdom. Accumulated wisdom is a storehouse of all the knowledge and wisdom from everything you have done in your life, and when you rely on that, it is not possible for you to repeat or live in your past.

No matter what occurs from your decision, you will add to that already existing accumulated wisdom. That accumulated wisdom causes you to expand and evolve, which is what you desire.

February 2, 2018

A mantra that you would do well to remember, hold, and utilize is it takes practice. When you remember those three words, first of all, it causes you to become more patient with yourself when you think you didn’t get something right or you are not operating at your best. 

More importantly, however, it will help you understand an experience you had yesterday. 

You were standing and recognized an unusual experience of peace and calm. In that instant, you realized you had that experience because you were entirely in your moment of now, meaning you had no thought of the past or future. Now, the reason this moment stood out to you was that you wanted to show yourself how little you exist in this manner.

Now, the caveat is this: that is the most powerful state of existence. 

February 2, 2019

Please be forewarned that you may require some time to fully comprehend this message and then utilize it in your life, but you will. There are times in your life when it feels to you that you consciously move into uncertain or precarious situations and then question why you would do so. 

The main reason is that you have not trusted yourself, which is what you desired above all else. There is nothing of a physical nature, including money, possessions, or other things that are more important to you, but owning your power is, and you cannot accomplish that until you trust yourself. 

February 2, 2020

Your life might have been far easier. We are taking over this message from Roger, for he finds receiving and writing it difficult, especially through his tears. Yesterday, we told him, “Welcome to your new life.” While he didn’t know what that meant precisely, he knew it would show up. 

We also mentioned that he was attending training for mentors. He discovered his life might have been far easier if only he had done what we suggested: to be himself. We have only ever shouted to you all that you were given lives filled with opportunity. And all you need do is seize the opportunity. You are to interpret all of your life experiences, good and bad, as you think of them and then extract the wisdom you receive through them and give that back to the world. Now, you have done your part in the evolution of all that is. 

Roger saw in the other mentors that they were willing to embrace every aspect of who they were and knew they were finding value through their experiences and giving that back to others. And as a result, they were living abundant and far easier lives. It is the same for every one of you. 

It is typically a gradual process for you all to come to this awareness. Many don’t do it until they die. Roger has one more training day as he approaches accepting these revelations. We will give you more tomorrow, but you each will take so much from this message today. 

February 2, 2021

The dream was real; you will be successful and learn to love yourself more. It took a while to get Roger to write that sentence. He was about to believe his previous limitations because he has done this continually, as many of you have. 

We will have that make sense for you, but understand there is more for you to achieve at every point in your life. Your first thought might be, “But I am not capable.”

You desired to be alive now during this restructuring to help you move beyond the myth of limitation. If you have followed us, you know we have spoken often of Roger’s reluctance to deliver the messages because of his desire to know beforehand where he might be going. We told him this morning to go to our messages and search for the word adventure. When he did so, Roger discovered we had delivered many, and they all made the same point. It would not be an adventure if you knew where you were going. You wanted your life to be an adventure. 

We are sending through too much information in one sitting, but we will leave you with this story to inform this message’s title. We told you of a folder Roger found that said August 2005. Roger’s many writings were in the folder, most of which were dreams he experienced during that time. The entire incident stood out for many reasons. Roger does not have any other folders labeled in that manner. Roger does not typically recall any dreams he may have had. Roger has no memory of creating the folder. In particular, one dream haunted Roger, and it manifested yesterday, and Roger didn’t even notice until we pointed it out today.

Roger was on a panel in a group discussion yesterday on the power of purpose. We are now giving Roger something regarding this, which will spark awareness for some of you. Roger has not wanted to assume a leadership position willingly for eons, but he discovered it is too uncomfortable to do so through this current restructuring. Roger found himself doing so in the discussion yesterday, and that crazy dream was manifesting before his eyes. 

You will each discover that your dreams about your life were not delusional, but they will never become more than that until you decide to believe them. You may do that now, and if you do, you will be fine and finally live the title of this message. 

February 2, 2022 

Your surrender will be more effective now. We are speaking to you directly because you decided to be alive during the restructuring of your world to restructure yourself as it was necessary for your evolutionary journey. 

We are giving you information as we come to our live conversation this coming Sunday. We said it would be about accepting the new world, but first, you must accept the new you. When Roger awakened, he felt the heaviness of your world as he often does, and we told him to find the message we gave you all in 2012 on surrender, for that would be the most effective for you now. 

The surrender we meant for each of you was to the part of yourself you have denied, doubted, feared, judged, or falsely believed held no meaning for you or your world. We created a program that Roger questioned, and he needed to surrender to what he has held back from the world as you have. You will be fine. 

One more thing. Roger listened to our recording of last week’s session, which we would like more of you to hear. He cringed when he heard himself say differentiation instead of individuation, which he thought we meant. He was not wrong, and today, we told him to look up the word differentiation, and then he saw that word described our program on the shoulders of Carl Jung. You underestimate yourself. Here is our YouTube channel with the recording.

We gave you the following message for this time in your life and world. 

September 7, 2012

Surrender does not necessarily mean defeat but can indicate strength and courage. As it is being used here, surrender refers more to events and situations in your physical life experience rather than people. While others may be involved, looking at the problem or event is more valuable.

When you become willing to surrender to it, it also means that you are demonstrating a knowing that says all things that show up for you have meaning and purpose and, in some manner, only do so for your highest good. When you surrender, you also release any resistance and find more peace. When you surrender, you are accepting yourself and your entire life experience.

February 2, 2023

You can decide who you want to become today. You are always in a state of evolving as long as you are in physical form. You move to new levels or higher states of consciousness when you notice what you’ve accomplished.

Your decisions will become easier. You just might not have appreciated your importance, but now you will.


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