You could know now

January 19, 2024

You could know now. We refer to a message we provided on this date a few years ago to remind you of your evolutionary journey while on the physical plane. You use linear time to raise your awareness, and we are giving you another boost. 

There could be no better time to embody the following message for your evolution and planetary ascension.

January 19, 2019

If you only knew how vital, meaningful, and necessary your current life conditions and circumstances were to allow you to become the person you wanted, you would relax and embrace it all.

If you only knew how every past failure you thought you had was preparing you to have the ability to embrace and accept success, you would express gratitude for all of them instead of regret.

If you only knew how every person who has come into your life, especially the ones who made you feel uncomfortable, were motivating you to discover, own, and embrace your value, you would forgive them and you for ever having thought anything had gone wrong.

If you only knew that your life was unfolding perfectly, you would recognize the actualized being you are becoming. If you only knew.


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