Your reversal of fortune is ahead

November 25, 2023

Your reversal of fortune is ahead. We are speaking of the restructuring happening within you and your world. But for it to become manifest, it must first begin with you.

We are also speaking of our live conversation with you on your upcoming powerful full moon. In preparation, we provided a message in 2012 that we would like you to consume now, for then your consciousness will be ripened for the revelation of who you are and what you can achieve in your life and planet. 

November 25, 2012

You are indeed entitled to what you desire. The words entitled and entitlement have caused you difficulty because your society has often cast a negative connotation on those words. 

In actuality, you and all others are born entitled by your birthright, and you go through your physical life experience attempting to actualize that state, for in doing so, you must cause your expansion. 

Allowing that “negative” idea to permeate your being will prevent your desires from being fulfilled. Most times, this is an unconscious act on your part, but now, with this information, you can make it a conscious decision. You never deprive another by allowing yourself to receive.


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