You will be thankful for this message

November 23, 2023

You will be thankful for this message. It is one that we provided seven years ago. Still, we wanted you to appreciate and accept it today, for the practice of gratitude is one of the most potent uses of energy you might utilize during your restructuring and that of your world.

We used this day as we said the United States would lead the way in this restructuring, but that can only manifest through you. It does not matter whether you celebrate this holiday or exist in other countries; this is a global shift, and we wanted you to do your part by accepting this message.

November 23, 2016

Everyone is waiting for you to finally own who you are, knowing there is something valuable you have to share with the world.

Everyone is waiting for you to stop doubting yourself and your abilities and talents.

Everyone is waiting for you to make sense of your past and all of your experiences and find the value and purpose they all provided you, and that you will now become willing to pass forth to others.

Everyone is waiting for you to let go of the self-judgment that has kept you stuck in a sort of inertia in your life.

Everyone is waiting for you to stop, allowing fear of your inner journey to prevent you from finding and owning the magnificence within you.

The one who has waited the longest and most earnestly is you.


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