Self-judgment will be your most significant obstacle

September 7, 2023

Self-judgment will be your most significant obstacle. When you come onto the physical plane, you have little awareness of what your life adventures may offer you. You also have little knowledge of what your world may present to you.

When you remember that you are connected to all that is and in this lifetime, your goal is to expand and aid in the planetary ascension, the message we provided ten years ago on this date will aid you. 

The remedy for self-judgment is self-love, which you and your planet are achieving now. That requires you to release your self-judgment, and then you will give that permission to others. 

September 7, 2013

Compassion is a word you would do well to look up and study its meaning. Compassion is also the active pursuit of expansion. You can’t expand as you intended without also seeking to develop your level of compassion.

Compassion and judgment cannot coexist. Judgment is the greatest hindrance to your expansion. When you hold judgment of another, it means you are holding that judgment about yourself, and you have yet to understand the perfection within the one you are judging.

You have often judged yourself for having too much compassion and interpreted it as a sign of weakness in some way. Nothing could be further from the truth. All of your religious studies have spoken of the value of compassion, and with your earnest attempt to study it, you will understand why. There is also a reason that maturity often causes compassion to develop. 


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