It may be too uncomfortable for you to become happy and prosperous (repost)

September 3, 2020

It may be too uncomfortable for you to become happy and prosperous. We wanted to use a title that might cause curiosity, and we wanted to make it fun, for that is the only way Roger finally agreed to tell the story, for it is uncomfortable for him. Roger knows that part of his path to his personal success is to become vulnerable, but it is never easy for him. Yes, it is like pulling teeth.

Yesterday, Roger decided about his life direction, sent a mailing to his subscribers, and part of his message included an increase in his program’s cost. Roger is always more sensitive to others’ needs than his own, so he recognized that so many experiencing financial insecurity might think it insensitive. Yet it wasn’t.

Roger held a meeting earlier in the day where the topic was, “what can I do to help heal the world?” In the invitation he sent to others, Roger stated that the manner they will discover might surprise them. As he looked at the members in the meeting, Roger could clearly see how each of them could offer so much to the world and facilitate its healing if they would only own who they are and their valuable life experiences. Roger can see this in others and never in himself, just as you have not. We are saying this because you do not need to beat yourself up, for this is the way evolution works. 

When Roger sent his mailing last night, it included a video he recorded earlier where he picked up copies of all the programs he has created over the years. It was only then that he began to notice his value and what he might offer others. After sending the email, Roger received a response immediately from a member stating how much they look forward to the calls each week. Even that information did not make it comfortable for Roger to own his value.

Still, we are offering this story so you might own yours, and even this challenging time will no longer trouble you, and eventually, you too will become happy and prosperous. 


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