Today is your day

August 1, 2023

Today is your day. Every day is your day when you decide to honor who you are and your physical life journey, but today will hold special significance for you and your world.

We have said you were restructuring both you and your world, so the conditions of both might have caused you to experience more fear and doubt. That is also why we planned a live conversation today and provided the following message in 2012.

You evolve in your awareness, which requires the utilization of linear time, and you come to understand what we provided in your present moment. You are in the world to offer something that will enhance your life and planet, but it is always up to you to accept it, and we will continue to remind you.

August 1, 2012

In order that you might manifest and create the physical life experience you desire, it becomes crucial for you to practice acceptance.

Acceptance is the mental process that allows you to begin the physical process. When you practice acceptance, you are affirming that all things are possible.

When you practice acceptance, you affirm that you are deserving of your desires.

When you practice acceptance, you acknowledge that you do indeed have access to talents and abilities that are natural and inherent to you.

It is not possible when you are practicing that acceptance for you to unknowingly derail, if you will, your desired physical life journey.


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