Your good self always wins

July 16, 2023

Your good self always wins. Good, bad, winning, and losing are human terms and have little to do with ultimate reality or the state of oneness every human will attain, but it is how you interpret those items in your life that allows you and your world to evolve.

We have guided you using your linear time to instill the idea of progress within you. That progression in your life and world depends on the energy of love, which is the only one that remains, and the experience you come to fully know when you leave physical existence, the earth plane, or third-dimensional thinking. They are the same.

As you study the message we provided in 2012, consider it a precursor to our talk tomorrow. We intend to guide you to more self-love, which will allow everyone to win, especially you. 

July 16, 2012

Become willing to guide and live the physical life experience you always desired.

When you become willing, you allow yourself to acknowledge and let go of the barriers and blockages you have put up that prevent you from experiencing that life.

When you become willing, you acknowledge and let go of all the thoughts, actions, and behaviors you know are keeping you from that life experience.

When you become willing, you recognize that only you can make those choices.

When you become willing, you give yourself access to all the talents and abilities that are inherently yours, which you have previously not acknowledged, owned, and utilized.


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