You were chosen

July 1, 2023

You were chosen. You might have previously ascribed that terminology to those beings who have come before or considered ascended masters, but we will tell you it is you.

Every soul is chosen by themselves for the specific physical incarnation they decide to have. There is cooperation within the universe that would help serve both goals when you do what you came to the world to provide, and that time is now. 

Your contribution is within, and it has been the reason for every message we have given you, and it is why we are holding our live conversation with you tomorrow. You stand at a critical place in your life and your world, and your understanding will aid this restructuring of your planet. 

July 1, 2012

Movement in any direction can be powerful for you. Movement, refers to any action you might take, whether physical, mental, or emotional. All of your actions are motivated by your thoughts.

While, at times, most of your movement is habitual and therefore escapes your awareness, you can make it powerful when you become consciously aware of it.

That first small step in any direction is powerful. The decision to think differently can be powerful. Remember here that you are causing this to occur, and you do so because you have been granted free will of choice. Once you understand you are moving energy, you will use it wisely.


Sunday, July 2nd, for the Full Moon. “You Have Never Been Alone.”
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