You will make things better

June 28, 2023

You will make things better. The word better is subjective, but you know what it means to you and how living in that state would feel to you, and you possess the ability to create it in your life and world.

You might not have considered the importance of your life experience or journey to your world, but we wanted you to remember today, so we provided our message in 2012. When you believe it wholeheartedly and implement it into your life, you will notice dramatic changes in your life and world, for they are the same. 

June 28, 2012

It gets better has become a popular slogan, if you will, in your current society; however, it also resonates with a much wider audience than the particular social issue that brought it to the forefront of your mass consciousness.

It refers to your individual, particular life experience as well as your world as a whole. It operates on the system of contrast, meaning that you are given certain choices, some of which may be very distasteful to you; however, they offer you the opportunity to make a choice that is to your pleasure, greater good, and therefore causes expansion in your life and world.

Therefore, it always gets better.


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