The world needed you

June 13, 2023

The world needed you. We wanted to capture your attention with that title because we know how often you have neglected to recognize your importance in terms of what you came to bring to your world or what you have already accomplished and added to the world by your existence.

Every soul is born with a mission to fulfil, and it has shown up in your life, and at this time of restructuring in your world, you could use some further encouragement, especially on this day. 

As you study the message we provided in 2012, please understand that there isn’t anything you can’t accomplish in your life when you know and accept the importance of your existence. The life you desire to have will influence the world you will collectively manifest.

June 13, 2012

Anything that you are experiencing in your physical life that you would call a serious situation, you made up. This is not to say that you do not feel those experiences as being difficult on an emotional and physical level; however, when you remember that they are all of a material nature and, therefore, temporal, you can see that their relevance will pass, eventually.

From your vantage point now, you can remember what felt like a serious life-or-death situation. Now that they have passed, those experiences have little influence on your moment of now experience.

You knew all this before you decided to have a physical life experience, and you intended it to be joyful.


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