Eventually, you come to trust yourself

June 6, 2023

Eventually, you come to trust yourself. You were born to bring something of great value and worth to the world, and it is within you. It is within every soul who comes onto the physical plane, but who you were meant to become and evolve to is unique and new, which is what causes you to lack trust in yourself at times.

But we gave you guidance on this date in 2012, for we knew that it could be challenging to find your way because you exist to help usher in the new world, which is why you are having a restructuring within yourself and your planet.

As you study the message now, please give yourself enough time to understand the message and absorb it. 

June 6, 2012

Trust is all you ever need to live a happy and fulfilling physical life experience. If you were to focus on nothing else but developing this quality, you would experience evidence of this fact firsthand.

Fear and trust can’t coexist. In actuality, fear is merely a lack on your part of putting effort into developing trust. Trust in its truest form means that you know no matter what may be occurring in your life now or what particular emotions and judgments you may hold about that, it is all working together for your highest good which is expansion. Hold that thought continually.


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