We wanted you to love yourself

June 3, 2023

We wanted you to love yourself. That sentiment has been the essence of every message we have given you. It is also the same one your guides, angels, and higher selves have whispered to you your entire life. But, it is also the one that we wanted you to accept and understand on this day as you approach your full moon and before our live conversation with you tomorrow. 

Every experience of your life has been valuable and purposeful. And you decided to be alive now to understand your perfection, to love yourself and offer your essence of light and love to your world and aid your planet in its ascension. At the same time, you could not have understood that before. 

You can understand the message we gave you in 2012 much better now. Please contemplate it this entire day, and we will reveal and give you more comfort tomorrow. You have had no idea how important your existence was.

June 3, 2012

It was all perfect and precisely as it should have been. This is the realization that comes to you when you leave physical form. You would do well to attempt to know this information now as you move through your physical life experience, for it is readily available when you decide to see it.

You have done this in many instances when you have noticed the magical synchronicity of events and circumstances in your life and come to know their meaning and purpose.

Regardless, all things lead you to your own expansion, even if, at times, it is against your free will, as you think of it; the results are always for your highest good.


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