No person is more valuable than another

May 24, 2023

No person is more valuable than another. You seek to understand and accept that concept individually, and it is one your planet continually attempts to realize. That is the reason for your current restructuring, which is why we have offered guidance.

None of you could have foreseen your importance in the world at this time, and it is something you accept gradually, which is why we began in 2012. You are always in the process of evolving as a civilization, and you decided to be alive now to aid in that journey for yourself and the world. 

Our message on this date in 2012 will require your study, for your consciousness will eventually accept its wisdom. As you do so, not only will your life change, but the life of your planet will be enhanced. We speak in riddles, so you have to do more with your level of consciousness, which is expanding.

May 24, 2012

You continually establish your value and worth as you move through your physical life experience based on how you decide to think about yourself. There is much information to be garnered from that statement, and you will find that more of its gems will be revealed to you each time you read it. Each word was used purposefully for its impact on your understanding.

You are never at the mercy of anything outside of you or even by anything you have experienced. You can attempt to place blame, so to speak, on what you are now because of what has occurred in your history, but here again, you are the one establishing your value and worth now.


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