Self-mastery and your legacy are the same goals

May 22, 2023

Self-mastery and your legacy are the same goals. When you were born, you were given a blueprint to follow that would allow you to leave a legacy of which you would be proud. But that can only occur when you accept who you are, your life journey, and everything you have experienced. Then you find the beauty and worth of all you’ve experienced to add that to your evolutionary journey and world. 

Everything we have given you is to lead you to self-mastery, which can only occur when you love who you are and understand your entire journey.

We provided a message in 2012 as we knew you would utilize it during this time of restructuring in your world. But please take your time as you study it because the clarity of the information we want you to receive now will require your contemplation. You are alive to usher in a new world and will do so when you allow yourself to have a new life.

May 22, 2012

Seek to know what you desire to accomplish with anything you attempt to do, and your way is made easier. Accomplish, is being used here rather than a goal, as you might think of it, for the word accomplish can hold the idea of contribution. Contribution is what you desire to give to yourself and all others.

You can think of it as a legacy if that helps make it easier to remember, but all of it involves expansion that you always sought. When you allow yourself to become distracted by other superfluous goals, it can be easy to lose your way. When you remain focused on the contribution, your vision is clear.


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