Guilt, shame, and embarrassment can be helpful

May 16, 2023

Guilt, shame, and embarrassment can be helpful. You came into the world to evolve and become more, and at times to accomplish your task, you will have momentary experiences of those states. They are meant to awaken you to a part of yourself you have denied, overlooked, or believed you didn’t possess. 

Much of the shame you brought with you as have all beings, but it will be specific to your physical life experience. When you seek to know why you feel shame, you might have difficulty identifying the cause. Still, during this time in your world, you will find it is generational, and you want to move beyond those limitations, which you can only achieve when you feel them emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically.

The guilt you might experience is due to you recognizing your reluctance to accept and love every aspect of yourself and your journey. The embarrassment you might feel indicates you are still too concerned with the opinions of others, and that has placed a stranglehold on your life and who you could become.

When you become willing to embrace them all when they arise and, at that moment, raise your emotional vibration until they pass, you will have made a crucial step in your ascension journey. You might also experience much more of this playing out on your global stage, for you are in the midst of a restructuring. But it would help if you become willing to be all you can be, and those uncomfortable temporary states will help you evolve when you decide not to ignore them but turn them to your benefit, and that is how they can all be helpful. 

You have everything you need to manifest a beautiful life and world, and this week you will want to release the lower vibrational energies within yourself, the fruits of which will be reflected in your life and world. 


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