You never needed to worry

May 7, 2023

You never needed to worry. We have said you were moving through a massive restructuring in your life and world, but we have provided guidance along the way, and you will appreciate what we gave on this date in 2012.

You came to the world at this time to develop and embody something new, and for many of you, that prospect of stepping into the unknown or your life and world could give you pause, and that is where your mindfulness will be most beneficial.

Our session the other day will make more sense to you now. 

May 7, 2012

Your state of worry never helps you accomplish any of your goals. This process occurs for many reasons, but the first and most important one is that when you are in that state of worry, you are attempting to prevent something from occurring rather than creating something new. Creating something new is all you are ever trying to do because that means you are in the process of expanding. 

The other reason this does not help you is that your focus, momentarily, is on preventing something. That works precisely in the other direction, for you are adding creative energy to something other than what you truly desire.


Here’s that session with the messages that were used:

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